• Nationwide sourcing, advertising, screening, initial and final interview / selection of various skills categories. Our office is fully equipped with interview rooms of which clients can meet the applicants for their final selection.
  • Speed packaging and transmission of qualified resumes, complete with evaluation and recommendations;
  • Provides assistance to workers in authenticating their certificates and other required documents.
  • Providing updated periodic  or real time status reports of applicants processing for client's guidance;
  • Providing whatever assistance needed by the clients or workers as requested;
  • Provides financial assistance as to placement fees with a FLY NOW PAY LATER SCHEME with some clients as to facilitate faster processing and deployment of workers;
  • Sending accepted workers for MEDICAL EXAMINATION to accredited medical clinics, with extensive follow-up of medical results until delivery of Medical Certificates to the agency. The client will be informed of any development in the course of the medical of the worker selected;
  • Skills trade testing / training;
  • Contract signing, accreditations with Philippine Labor Office and other government entities;
  • Visa Stamping, securing visas from concerned embassies;
  • Sending workers to accredited pre-departure orientation institutions as per Philippine Labor Law before deployment;
  • Sending required workers for Training.
  • Conducts company's own exit interview on EVERY DEPARTING WORKER.
  • Coordinates with airline / travel agencies for booking and immediate dispatch of workers to assigned job locations;
  • Airport assistance to workers and clients;
  • Furnishing complete documents to clients of all workers deployed (employment contracts, copies of resumes, medical, trade test results) for client's record;

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